Monday, June 7, 2010

busy doing something I am sure

I am sure I have been busy doing something but I can not think right off hand what it has been :P

I do know I have my first items up on Etsy for sale. Finally lol It is supply thread for bookbinding.
My Etsy

I have finished all the collage elements of my "TM" journal and am working on adding in the pen work and coloring. :D Well I take that back as of ALL, because I have actually done nothing to the cover or that back. I will though, I will.

I did some sewing and ironing. Some laundry. I worked on my ROD pages for Melissa's ROD for her Christmas present.

I also booked my hotel for my SULKY teacher cert class in October!!!!!!!!! :D I can eve bring my doggie to the hotel. YAYA :D oh and my husband lol :P

Now I am off to watch a bit of tv and do more stuff to my "TM" journal :D

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