Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have been feeling white the last few days. Not entirely sure what that means. Blank I guess. Unusual for me. Sort of. So I have done little creatively. Not good. But we all need time to relax and recharge I guess, so I need to cut my poor little creative self a break. I did do a major clean fest, well except on the fridge which really needs it too (eeww). I did some rearranging on the dining are will have to get pics for you so you can see my new little art area. I will do a little before after post I think. I have watched a few too many movies, did make it to the store for a little food. Eh been so so. I have to work tonight, well Tuesday night which is an odd night for but I had trading nights with B at work so I could have off Saturday. So will be odd to go in tonight then off Weds, then in again for 4 more days before I have another day off. Yeh not looking forward to that.

I got into DQS9 but have set it aside for now. I have a few two other sewing projects I must finish and then I can bring it to the front. For now I am just letting it swim around in my head with some of the things I looked at that my partner likes.

Other than that, for now I am going to go and take a few pictures of the new dining area for you guys and watch more movies and journal a page or two. :D

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