Saturday, July 17, 2010


So I really like change, normally, it is good for you.

I was very depressed well not like VERY but way more than normal for me, so i had a really tough, stressful week and the last two days especially. So really crapdoodle. BUT I have made some tough decisions that I HAVE to stick with. I have been in WAY worse situations and etc than what I ma right now and I can persevere, but I also know because of all that and all my experience I am worth more than what I am right now, as in, my situation, if that makes vague sense :D SO decisions, change, I can do this and I can be better and I can be more happy and I can make my talents work for me! I am worth more than how I ma treated at my job! I am worth enough to leave it! I can find something else that is more fulfilling in being a better environment creatively and can allow me to bloom as a person, artist and business owner. Please send me all the positive thoughts you can!


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