Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In need of...

I am in need of a bit of inspiration, well no really I think it is motivation. As I post this I realize I am always surrounded by inspiration. And I can always find it if I have the true need to search for it. BUT really what I am lacking is motivation!

How do make yourself motivated, always tricky for me. And more than likely tomorrow when I return to work I will have an over abundance of inspiration and motivation but no way to let it out creatively since I will be at work! It works that way a lot for me. I am sure it my own doing, but I have yet to find a way to motivate myself everyday!

Any advice on how you guys stay motivated? Or make yourself work when you just cannot see working, I mean creatively speaking, not doing laundry. Which I have to do as well!

Just a splash of DMC color!!!! I went wild with the teals, love love love teal!!! :D


  1. I didn't used to have trouble with motivation, but since being in pain with chronic exhaustion 24/7--I struggle with it most of the time. No magic pills for me. Just starting--even when you don't feel like it or don't know what you're going to do exactly (I have tons of projects lined up--inspiration is not my issue--LOL!). I tell myself--just for a few minutes. And then when I get started I usually go longer than the few minutes and manage to get something done. ;)

  2. Very true Rita, I also find when I can finally make myself start on something, I keep going for a good bit and even start new projects or finish old ones. I have oodles of wonderful I want to do's as well! So much! Which is OK. I know I need to just keep focusing on, whether I have true inspiration at the moment or not, starting anything and then go from there! :D