Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oraganizing Bonanza

I had truly hope to spend this weekend off doing super creative stuff! Which I am in way. I have been on super organization mode! CRAZY! I re-organized my sewing room and sewing room closet, it looks fabo and I cleared out a good bit! (6 hrs! with a lot of pee breaks :P) Now I have just got done reorganizing my paper scraps and die cuts. SO much better and takes up way less space and I can easily see what is going on there! I am about to start on the ribbon, fiber stuff. BUT I needed to cook my squash casserole for tomorrow and upload the pictures I took today when I went to my grama's and of my dead yard. SO a few pictures of the day! :D

reflection of my feet and a dogie peeking

this entire area was poison ivy/oak whatever I wish I had taken b4 pics it was a hot mess we had to kill it ALL, there is more around the house in the yard etc, all fun brown deadness waiting for some serious work to be done...

water tower, yeah I know good stuff

little decorative flower garden thingie with a pig :)

first cheery tomatoes, no I do not smoke but most of my family seems too so it was the closest thing for size comparison :)

Have a super safe awesome 4th!


  1. Looks like you have a lot of work in that part of the yard, but the rest looks nice. Cherry tomatoes look good, too.

    Have fun organizing! I actually love to clean and organize, but these days I can do so little at a time that what I used to be able to do in a day or two can take me weeks and weeks. I miss the days where I could go for hours and hours--all day--with potty and sandwich breaks. So--somebody is envious of your organizing speed and time spent. Would love to see pictures of how you organize your craft supplies. ;)

  2. Oh no Rita my yard is all brown with little green and needs serious mowing lol the other nice pretty garden thingie is at my grama"s house that my Mom did, I am so not an outside sun, heat girl!

    I will try and get a few organization pics taken but really it is boring, and I try to use what I have or find and be creative!

    Well the organizing time will pass sadly and I will be back to watching too many movies on TV soon, but trying to make the best of it!