Friday, December 23, 2011

next year

I MUST have all gift shopping/making done by August! I refuse to go out during this time to even the grocery store, OMG!

I went to get a baby do back pack travel thingie....19.99 (overpriced, really that plastic for that much, just saying) 85 bucks later I leave Target...sigh!


  1. There's a distinct advantage to being too poor to buy presents--LOL! ;)

    Merry Christmas!! :):)

  2. Rita, so true! I normally make most things but a 2 year old, well I was at a loss and way behind this sear so had to buy her something! (sigh) and then of course a few other things caught my eye and I really wanted the kinect for my XBOX, they had it for 99 bucks, ugh such a deal but I had to walk