Thursday, January 11, 2018

January Check In

I just wanted to do a quick blog and check in on everyone! Yesterday was my birthday, the big 40...but it is all good. Although it feels like I got here too fast. I have lots more to do though, so looking forward to another 40 years!

How is everyone's January shaping up so far? We are pending some sketchy weather ourselves tomorrow, and well Tennessee is messed up with seasons, we have them all in one day often. The state shuts down I tell you!

Keep on plowing through you guys, HEAD UP, SHOULDERS BACK and YOUR EYES ON YOUR DREAMS! 


  1. I heard Tennessee even got snow! Crazy weather all over! :)

    Happy 40th!! :) :)

    1. Rita, thank you again! I did get your birthday card, as well as your Christmas card!!!

      You are wonderful! XOXO