Thursday, January 4, 2018

Welcome 2018!

Sending everyone many blessings in 2018!!

I know many people had a rough 2017, I had some tough times too. We all hope 2018 brings better stuff than 2017 did. However, let us remember our focus, intentions, choices and reactions have a HUGE impact on what happens to us as well!

This year I am really trying to focus my intention in the AM to really get my day out to a loving start. I am ALWAYS up about 10 minutes past the time I should have gotten up, so rushed and late for work. Which honestly, I have accepted, mostly. I really am a night owl, it is the way it is and not a person who loves to be woken up. I woke nights and overnights for years, I love it and am so alive at night. But now I am a 9am-6pmer, which is OK I can sleep in super late, but does it really work?

So HOW do you manage to have a focused intention building morning when you are that person?! I have tried many things, but my will power for it just sucks you guys. I may revisit the Miracle Morning process, but shoot I can write it all down and say I will do it and give myself all these speeches. But then the AM comes and I am like NOPE NOT TODAY.

Any friendly advice welcome, and in the end, maybe I just have not figured out the right motivator for me, or I just am not getting enough sleep at night.

I mean I used to work 530 am until way too many hours into the night, and it burnt me out. But I don't do that anymore, so I cannot use that as an excuse and if I can get up and be at this job for someone else at 530 and work until 7 at night 5 days a week, IF I DID THAT, why the hell can I not do it for my self????


  1. I am no help. I have never been a morning person and if I have to set the alarm (which I don't have to do much anymore since I am retired) I automatically hit the snooze. The only thing I finally did was set the alarm a half hour earlier than when I need to be up so I could hit the snooze several times and not be late. :)

  2. Rita, I am no help either for myself, haha. I have so many years before I retire, I should go back to working nights. I have like 5 alarms set and still turn them all off or snooze. The struggle is bad.