Tuesday, September 22, 2009

and then the idiots!

SO good news WE HAVE OUR HOUSE...bad news they wont turn our gas on which powers our hear and water heat...so no hot water! SO after a $1500.00 estimate from the AC guy :S I have got my dad and brother to try and help redo the gas piping from the heating unit and the water heater to the outside of the house. I am like RAWR, one because it is a serious safety issue and does not meet codes as is still not sure how an inspector coud miss this but I have been informed that it is not "Really" there job to look for codes..WTF ??? anyhoo! SO now $300 bucks later, listening to my dad and brother argue like 5 year olds in Lowes, and then listening to them throw metal and curse eachother for a couple of hours... we are still not finished lol (sigh) I am hoping that later this afternon they will be but we shall see. I am just hoping this works so I do not have to in the end get the AC guy to do it as well, lol. I am thankful my dad and brother are helpful but phew yeh you have no idea....but enough on that. Other than that we are planning on moving most things today and tomorrow. I hope the gas gets turned on tomorrow so we can move in officially tomorrow night since I have to be back to work Thursday night. I did get our bedroom painted, all by myself I must say and I am sore as heck but it is awesome and looks alright as far as painting goes, a few boo boos but I think I can live with them. I got the office trimmed out with paint but have yet to do he main painting with the roller, I was in the middle of al that when I had to deal with the gas issue and then to Lowes etc etc...I tried cleaning a bit too but was coughing and sneezing too much so I just gave up, lol. SO I have to clean some more later when I go. I was hoping to get started early but Jes wanted to nap after work and before we got started so I am just sitting here kinda doing whatever, like this. I think I will go and load up my car with some stuff here in a bit just so that will be all done before he does wake up. I am going to try anyway!

Wish me luck with the gas people whenever they come back!!!!!!!!!

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