Thursday, October 1, 2009


Well while trying to get my printer to work on my wifi on my laptop I guess omehting major went PPOOOOeeee. SO I had to reformat and lost all my bookmarks lol, yeh I know big deal but argh at how i forgot to try and safe them. I save most all things onto my external drive because of these things BUT no not those, I really need to do that this time! :S (sigh) SO here I am installing software and ho humming, bleh. I had so many good sites saved and blogs, so I am like ack how will I ever remember them all. EH anyway. I also somehow have lost the cord that goes from my pc and camera so I can not get any of my pics off atm. So off to get a new cord I guess after I work these weekend, so another week without pictures. It feels like I have got little done these few days I have been off. I dunno! Eh anyway. I hope the work weekend fairs well.

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