Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fall Mini Quilt Swap

I had mentioned earlier that I was quilting a quilt and thus many blunders ensued etc, all so far fixed, and i am almost done with it. Just the last but to quilt where I had to pull all the other stitches out and to do something in the borders then binding, then I can mail! And all last minute of course since it has to be out by the 15th. So I thought I would show the boo boos. This quilt btw is for the fall mini quilt swap from Quilting Bloggers.

This where I had started and everything was going badly, thread breaking etc. I was using a multicolored rayon. am glad I switched threads to see if that was the problem because while I did that I also switched to metallic needle (yes I should have thought of this sooner!) and I also switched to gold thread, which looks WAY BETTER!

As you can see way better with the gold!

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