Sunday, January 24, 2010

A pastel New York Beauty

I am not sure why I decided, well mostly because I want this one to hang on my walls and I have had the page bookmarked forever for me to do. I love New York Beautys. I am not however a great paper piecer, but then that is OK and this will make me better, right? Let us hope! SO I have started this and will hopefully have it done by he end of the year lol :)

This is the picture from the magazine.

Here is me at a point going "WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!??".

And a peek at my messy mess back. :)

This is my fist finished pointie part for the block. I am proud I finished it. It just has one boooboo where there is a bit short in the seam allowance but I can live with it and work with it I hope. :)


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