Monday, January 4, 2010


Well today er yesterday I guess techinally was not the best start of days. I was to go into work at midnight and my husband informed me on his way to work I had a flat no work, which not that that is exactly sad but I had to use time and etc etc AND I have flat tire and that is the second one in like a 6 month time span here. WTH! So to get it fixed tomorrow, well a new tire anyway so I promised I would try not to be too upset about it and thought I would do the best to be very productive while at home so I made a roast, washed dishes, started laundry, baked some cookies, watched a bit of tv, read, THEN I thought I will sew some and quilt the quilt I need to get mailed by the 15th....................sigh and all goes to poo, I thought it was the thread, I was trying to stipple but it was breaking every two inches so it was not going well, I re-threaded I re did a bunch of stuff and thought fine I guess t is the thread so RAWR I will try a diff one and then go back and remove all those stitches later and quilt that then when putting the new thread on the bobbin it went all UNDER IT, so I was like ok I should just step away...when I noticed that my feed dogs were not had that been the problem or is it still the this point however I was like ugh JUST LEAVE THE ROOM. So I did. SO I thought I will eat what I made.... in the process I spilt soap all over the floor, broke the fork trying to I was like wow what is really going on....sigh so far, no other crazy occurrences but I am trying to touch little!

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