Saturday, April 23, 2011

Early Morning..Late Night

Eh never sure which it is when 4 am rolls around huh. hard to live a so called normal life when you work night shift. Which is really OK with me anyway since I am a night person and so not so called normal! :)

SO when it comes to work. I know I say it a lot, BUt I never get anything done when I work 3 12 hour nights in a row, well accept work. Which is needed with these gas prices you guys! (sigh) So nada in my journaling everyday so far, which is OK. Seem to be missing my MOJO as well, but I hope this solves it self when I get myself in my little area and start back to work on the few projects I have started and want to get finished!

SO hope to share a few things in the next few days. I do have 5 days off in a row SO surely I can get one thing done. Although also on the non fun list is grocery store, yard work, laundry and dishes!

Have a great Easter weekend!

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