Monday, April 18, 2011

Journal everday second go around!

SO here are the pictured from the second go around I have done following Julies Art Journal everyday challenge! :) Again I used some things that were laying about on my desk and another tea I had at work. I have been saving them now! :) Also some beautiful stamps I got when my ATCs came back from Steph! You can see on the right there was a no gesso page and on the left was gesso. I used glimmer mists for the main color and you can really tell a difference :)

tI have started a new spread, not loving it, it is pretty dark thus far since I used black and blue, but I am going with it and we will see where we end up. I have been pretty busy with finishing up m journal YT series and getting materials together for some new RODs and other journals, so I have not worked on the spread too much BUT that is OK! :D I am still working and being creative and that is important!

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