Sunday, April 3, 2011

Journal Everyday

Over on Julie's site she is doing a great thing every Friday about journaling everyday! Basically taking jut small times and doing something, not stressing yourself out about not doing a whole page in one day. Which I really like!

SO I signed up for April. Last month I started to make backgrounds when I could and was kinda testing the waters on what I could do in a few minutes each day. I did a bit and then didn't do everyday which is OK too! So I am siked about April, I have started this month feeling very inspired and organized, and am really gong to try and be diligent about making all my time more productive.

First I found Julie through the Prima ustream site where she did a travel journal, which is super quick and simple. I love it, I have made one already and ave another in the plans! And so on. SO after watching her ustream, I went to her site and discovered all sorts of things about her! Loving all the info, she does several different classes, lots of info on her site, she features other artists as well. I definitely encourage you to check out her site! :D

SO for today I do have a journal spread finished. The book boards are from a faber castell kit that is for beginner journals. They are approximately 6 by 5 or something. I have not measured just giving you a size to go by roughly. I laid down some acrylic paints with water over some masking tape, then took off the tape and another layer in a different color. I added some black and white polka dot paper then I brayed some gesso over the pages in a few spots. I wanted to just add black and white details but then when my husband and I went to dinner the chopstick wrapper matched the coloring great, just with that touch of green so I added that in. A bubblegum wrapper and washi tape finished it off and then I drew some circles and journaled a bit inside them.


  1. Those colors are divine! I am journaling everyday, too.....

  2. :) thanks! will check out your site!