Tuesday, April 5, 2011

AJ everyday progress

I just wanted to share a page in progress with you guys. This is for the AJ everyday challenge I am following over on Julie's blog. I actually really like it so far and I like the way the journaling for each day is going. Since I was playing catch up I followed Julie's idea and just did simple journaling of what I did on that day. Nothing exciting, trust me! :D I work later tonight so I will journal that b4 I go in and see if I add anything else to the page. At the moment I am not feeling anything but we will see! :D


  1. Hi Desi--I joined Julie's AJED this month too. I have enjoyed looking at your posts--especially your altered cook book journal and your steampunk journal. Very neat!

  2. Andria! thanks! I am loving making these journals, just started another! :D I love Julies site, so much info and I am trying to be less stressed for not creating everyday in my journal! :D