Saturday, May 28, 2011

AJ Everyday and Soul Journaling

I have gotten pretty behind on art journaling this month, but that is OK. I discovered Sarah Whitmore's Soul Journaling prompts last week on Julie site through one of the lovely ladies who was featured. LINK HERE

I have done Day 1 and 2 and here is the inside cover where I claimed my journal! :D

I have had this Strathmore Visual Journal for a bit now, but have done nothing in it but a few random backgrounds using leftover paints. So I thought it was great for this project to keep all the prompts in one journal. :)

Be Blessed! :D


  1. Oo, very cool - I will have to check out those prompts myself!

  2. I bookmarked Sarah's site too in order to come back and do some of the prompts. Very inspiring stuff!

  3. Lots of prompts on that site. Be interesting to see what you do with them. :)

  4. I started using Sarah's prompts a while ago, but something got in my way. I hope you stick with it!

  5. Torta! I hope you do! :D ty for stopping by!

    Andria, Yeh I have not looked at them all but very inspiring and some days we need that! :D

    Rita, oh the pressure :S lol just teasing!

    Leslie, I shall try and stick with it, but things do get in the way. I do hope to make it through all of them but it may take me all year! Heck, I am still working on day three, lol.