Friday, May 13, 2011

where I thought I looked OK (lots of pics post)

and then took pictures lol and of course my mirror lies :P

I was though feeling super awesome and me before going to work and never have a lot of pictures of myself, now I remember why! :)

SO here I share with you, it is Friday the 13th after all, you need a good fright, muhahahaha! :D

where I look like I am concentrating
where I try and accept I have more than one chin :S
where I look like I have no idea how to use a camera
where I look like ME! :D

where I look wistful
where I look confused :S
where I look no nonsense
where I have no idea what this look is :)

*no Desiree's were harmed during picture taking or blogging :)


  1. Your photos and captions made me smile. I was recently trying to get a head shot of myself...went into the project thinking I looked okay that day...came out of the project totally bummed by the result. Some days are just more photogenic than others, I guess! Love your your "coming to terms with having more than one chin." Taking self-portrait shots is a great exercise in coming to terms with ourselves! :-P

  2. Andria! yeh thankfully once I left the house I got over thinking I looked too horrible. I mean I look that way everyday, lol. It is not that bad. (I hopa haha) ahhh yes the days f being younger with one chin and better skin. My biggest problem is my skin gets worse as I get older, no matter that I take better care of it now then when I was young. Seems pretty unfair! :( but it is what it is. I am still awesomely beautiful!

    I am glad you got a smile out of it! :D