Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yay, a blog button!

So creating a blog button has been on my to do list for a long time now! AND I have done it, I made one just to try out how it was going to go, it was not want I wanted to use but it was super easy to make. I followed this tutorial from Karen, you have to check it out f you want to make your own button. Super easy! I thought I had some issues with the html, but turns out it was really blogger, well I ad my edit window left open way to long,, and you know it forgot what it was doing I guess. lol So all I did was close it and start over, and voila!

So if you see on the right left side there is my new blog button. Fairly plain but a super start for me I think. :) SO please grab it and add it to your own site! I would much appreciate it and if you have a button of your own, please let me know so I can show you some love back by adding it to my site. My new one will be a button for my store! Which needs some seriously love, lol. :) OH also let me know what you think of the button, always appreciate what you guys have to say! :)

Be Blessed!


  1. I know nothing about buttons--hehe! Looks cute! It is on the left, tho, on my computer. ;)

  2. haha it is on the left :S will fix that, thanks Rita! :D