Thursday, June 9, 2011


So last year, at the end of the year. I bought website hosting and space and domain name. I have so done very little with it. I wish I could make it fabo and all that. But so far I have not. It sits there, wasted and I pay for it. lol, it is not expensive, I do not mind the price, but I do not do anything with it. So I thought of canceling it, but then I need it to work for me, or do I? I feel I do. But I also love my blog an it is free, nor am I planning on getting rid of it. But I wish I could combine it all together more cohesively? I lack the time, motivation and talent, patience and such. What do you guys think?

the site is Pieceful Art

check it out, but do not be amazed lol
anybody got good web talent...


  1. Keep it! I sold mine a few years back and regret I will buy another domain again...but its hard to justify when blogs are free. I just don't like the layout restrictions associated with blogs. So annoying!!

  2. I had my domain name for several years. Tried to figure out how to build my own website, but it was soooo complicated for me. Tried a couple different programs my son got for me, but I was just plain terrible at it. Building and programming a website is not something my son or DIL really know about, so they couldn't help me much. I finally gave up and let it go. I think I am fine with just blogging and my DIL has an etsy shop I help her with. I have never even figured out how to add all the various things you can put on a blog! ROFL!! I don't know what I was thinking! ;)

    More power to ya! It was way over my head.

  3. I don't know ANYTHING about setting up a web site. It seems like you would have to hire someone to do any major work on it. I guess you just have to think about whether there are any advantages (from your personal perspective) to having a web site instead of a blog. If you can't really come up with anything, it probably isn't worth it. But if there is something about it that excites you, then give it some more time to develop. Just my two cents! :-)

  4. Ladies, all great advice, so appreciate it. I do think for now I am keeping it. I do not want to lose the domain name for one indeed and i do hope to find more time to make it better. I know html and coding a teeny tiny bit but i seriously lack time and when I get working on it, patience. :) BUT it is all a work in progress and so far I can still afford it so I will for now still be working on it! :) thanks so much!