Friday, June 17, 2011

AJ Everyday and Soul Journaling June

Here I have my soul armor lady following prompts from Sarah, Soul Journaling, days 3, 4, and 5. It however took me a bout 2 weeks to get her complete between work and such. Putting her down and picking her up. Do not laugh too hard. She is defiantly an anime chic in armor, lol. But I do accept her and am moving on. :) She looks shiny because I put a coat of spray stuff to protect it from rubbing and stuff, it says matt on it but it defiantly is not matt enough for me. But hopefully t will protect the pastels and such from wear and tear. And of course Art Journal everyday is over @ Julie's site, Balzer Designs.

~Be Blessed~


  1. Yes, some matts are quite shiny. But she looks well armed and maybe the bit of shine makes her armor look tougher. :):)

    You are having fun with the Soul Journaling! Nice!

  2. She's cute! (Well, maybe that's not fair when she's trying to be tough, but she IS cute!)

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  4. Rita, yeh the shine is alright lol just not what I expected! :D

    Andria, she is cute, ty and I am proof that you can be cute and tough at the same time :D