Sunday, June 19, 2011

Soul Journaling Days 5 and 6

I have made it through day 5 and 6 soul journaling prompts, from Sarah.

I really enjoyed the process of finding different images and going with it. This page really represents little pieces of my personality through color, images and bits. It is fun to see what your eye is first drawn too. It is a mesh of things me. :) Also you can see a few words there, do not be alarmed by the word tragic, lol. I know my life is not tragic nor do I view it that way overall. It is just one of the words that stuck out when I journaled over the dictionary pages, as was my life. They do in their own way represent me as well as what was journaled out onto the pages.


  1. Great images. I like the mosaic effect of all those little squares.

  2. I see you've reached the inchies pages! Looks like you are having fun with all the journal prompts. Nice pages!! :)

  3. Ty Andria!

    Rita, I have lol on to the tape page right! :)