Monday, July 6, 2009

Bright Scrap Quilt almost ready for quilting

I used left over fabrics from a triple set of Freddie's House quilts I made a few years back for my nieces for Christmas. The pattern is Buckeye Beauty, courtesy of Marcia Hohn. Here is a picture I took after the top was pieced and the final borders I chose.

Here we are after getting all the border on and using a few of the left over blocks I ended up with (so bad with calculations, I am). I will be using the same blue border fabric for binding, I feel that will make a nice finish. I am still however at this moment unsure how I feel about the finished top to this point. I am not sure I should not have gone with a more traditional border layout and I had some wonky blocks due to sleep deprivation and impatient during cutting, :P.

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