Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mondays and what we are up to!

Oh work was rough last night, and I was so happy to get home this morning and take a shower and crash. But beyond that :) Here is what I am working on...

Disappearing Nine Patch

Here are the colors I am using, the bottom is a white with pink polka dots, kind of hard to see.

~Sewing the nine patches~

~Little pile to be ironed~

I just recently found this nine patch variation while surfing one day randomly. I really like the look of it. I found it at Ouilts and ATCS and decided to give it a go for a baby quilt. So far we just have the nine patches cut, strip pieced, cut again and sewn and I hope to get back to ironing them here in a bit. Will of course keep you updated.

I also however have a hard time doing just one thing at a time, and I also can not post all the things I am working on but I will share this. I found this purse pattern at Made By Rae and am going to give it a go in some fabrics I have left over, one is the black from the skirt I made for Kayla and the other is a black on grey toile fabric I have had for years! Heres a pic of the two, kinda blurry it looks but I think it is just because I have not ironed the toile yet.

SO that is it for Monday, although now it has rolled over in too Tuesday am :S :P

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