Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tiring Tusday and what all got done

Ugh is all I can say because I strained my back pretty good yesterday. I believe it was me basting that quilt on the floor after having already strained it at work with patients. :S SO yeh bad idea to try and baste on the floor. But the quilt is basted, lol. So what all did get done yesterday.

we had errands to run so I got to see Melissa and pick up the Avon I ordered and then after that we went and met with a mortgage broker. Which went well, missing a few pieces of paper but that will be taken care of tomorrow and then we should hopefully hear something within in a week. SO hopefully we will be house hunting for our FIRST home soon :) Very exciting.

I got my fabric from :) New yummies. Oh I also made Jes take me to storage to get some fabric but he only let me bring one bin, such a downer :P

I got all the nine patches cut up into their smaller counterparts to start re-piecing for the disappearing nine patch.

I got the bright buckeye beauty quilt basted. I normally baste a certain way but I was browsing and saw someones idea and thought I would give it a try. Now it is not that it did not work well, I just still prefer my way. I sadly do not remember where I was at but kudos to whom evers blog is was, there was still helpful advice in all I found and I know I bookmarked you.

And to mention it must be one of those days because I burnt my finger while cooking a bit ago :S!!! So now I am off to watch the new Friday the 13th.

Pictures to be posted next time around! :)

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