Thursday, July 23, 2009

A week of being busy doing nothing :S

It feels as if I have done nothing since getting off work Monday morning. I know I have done a fairly good bit, but since there was family here again and I had two days where I could not get to my sewing machine and I was so itching to, leads me to feel I have not done anything.

However this is what has been getting done!

I have just the lining to sew to the purse outer and the strap for the buttercup bag I am making from Made by Rae. So that will hopefully be done tonight when I wake up.

I have all the rows sewn together of the disappearing nine patch,just waiting to be ironed and then sewn together. I hope to lay it out later and get an overall look at it before I iron the seams so I know which way to iron each one.

I went to the local fabric store because I needed some black thread and magnetic snaps and of course ended up buying more than I needed. :) Here is a little picture.

See as I said it feels as I have done nothing, besides all that fun stuff like cooking, laundry and family time and sleeping. But not enough sewing. And back to work tomorrow night. But I am very thankful it is only 3 12 hours this time around. I was thinking overtime, but I can not imagine they deserve that after the past weekend! :P

In the works are a handmade item for a FQ swap I entered over at Flikr (yup, it seems I am addicted to Flikr, oh well)! That lime green zipper is for that little gift. Also going to try and start a plan for a doll quilt for the DQS7, hopefully it will be one that my partner will like and if not I still plan on making it so it will go somewhere. :) And of course I still have to quilt the Bright Bukeye Beauty. However, I am very apprehensive about it since I have no walking foot anymore, it got lost and I have yet to replace it. Now I have done free motion and I am ok at it, but I have also not done it for a long time. And I was really thinking because of the block design maybe it woud look better with more staright line quilting, so I at this point really have no idea if I should try the free motion and just do a large meandering or large loops, or what? (sigh) I had hoped to get it quilted on these days off but I do not want to do it and it look funky so it may again wait until my next set of days off after I have thought on it some more and I may order a walking foot offline somewhere. Anyadvice would be welcome.


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