Sunday, October 4, 2009

ignore my negative moment, please

I really have been trying to not drag work out to this blog to talk about. Sometimes so hard though. So with that said, comes the complaining, :(. I know! I try so hard to be so positive and my husband says I am way negative but really I am just a realist, on the cynical side mostly though, I guess. However I digress, point being, it is so frustrating to try and be good at what I do everyday when so many people are so negative, complaining, and downright mean. We all know people like that and worse, etc. Just I guess today, at this moment, I am having a moment. (shrug) Just haivng a day where I am tired of listening to someone complain about ALL the work they do and ALL the pts they get and how weekends are SO easy and it is just horrible all the other time and how they just HAVE it so hard. And it goes beyond all that, beyond work and beyond life and how it is always worse for me than you, and it is sad to think that you are over 40, have kids, and more, and had a rough life, AS YOU SAY, that you would have grown and just learned that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional! And sometimes I wish I was still my 20 year old self where I could flat out look at you and just tell you to STHU! (sigh) ok so yeh ignore all that because I could really keep going.


  1. Negativity is human nature. I think people do this to gain praise for what they have done in their day. My theory is live for today and not in the past. If you find something positive with your day the happier it will be for you. Chris

  2. Very true Chris. Thanks for the reminder :)