Friday, October 9, 2009

Camera cord update

Well it has to be rather sad that all I can update on is my silly camera cord or really LACK of! However after much research and annoyance with the Kodak website, I have discovered that they no longer make the cord, sell the cord or will give technical support for my camera. Well how nice is that, but oh they will be very happy to upgrade it for me, pfft. So bleh. I have however found a website that sells a bunch of cables and they say they have the one I need. So I am going to order that one as soon as I can. Sheesh! And I already made a camera my want for Christmas anyhow so I guess that will help too since mine is fairly old and is missing the zoom button! :P Only other thing to update on is that I got a washer and dryer yesterday. THANK goodness. It is very hard to live without those you know! Sad that so many do. It is the Maytag Epic z series, in red. LOVE IT!! I tried to find a pic online but I did not find one suitable enough. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

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