Saturday, October 31, 2009

Drop Spindle Class

I have been inpsired lately to spin yarn. I am not a knitter really, I taught myself once. But I have to always follow directions and I am very impaitence so I really do not knit. I do know how to cochet but again I nromally do not. So why would I want to spin yarn? Ha, no idea but I know I want to learn so I did online research and read this and read that, and most all things I am self taught so I was like well I think i coudl do this and maybe I can try the drop spindle method. SO after researching and reading and honestly I was having a hard time wrapping my head around it just through the little bit I did find so I googled for any classes in my are and voila found this place. Haus Of Yarn. SO i signed myself up for their drop spindle class the middle of next month. I am looking forward to it, one because I want to learn, two, I will obviously learn from a good instructor and three, I need to get out and socialize more with people who I have thing sin common with. I need to get those creative juices going and just be with people that I hope will accept me and teach me things and learn from me. So I am very much lookign forward to it. :) SO I will keep you guys posted on how that goes.


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