Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The sewing room is near done.

I can say it will probably never be DONE, it is just one of those kind of rooms. :) However it is mostly sorted. 97 percent of my fabric is still in the bins in the dining room though, which is OK. It will not fit in the sewing room so I am trying to figure out a creative way to deal with that as is. But here are some pictures of what is going on right now. :)

What you see when you from the door.

The sewing area.

The cutting area. Also I will make a curtain soon. I found some nice fabric in the stash for it.

The ironing area and design wall. And funny bit yes, it is a circle :S Now I had found while browsing someones advice to use one of those vinyl table cloths, brilliant idea so I went to Wal Mart searching for one. And my husband went to, well all we ever do is disagree in Wal Mart so hence while we are disagreeing and looking at the cloths I grabbed the first one that sad vinyl! And got home to find a circle. (shrug)It will work so that is OK. :) I should by now know not to go to Wal Mart with him but sometimes I just dislike going by myself.

And the closet, which had this shelf system in it already when we bought the house. Not really organized, I have just thrown this and that in it for the moment. I am still doing a lot of organizing around here anyway so not sure how ot bes use the closet at the moment.

Now I hope to get some sewing done today!!

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