Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yay, we have a new cord.

I finally got my cord in the mail this week. And so all the pictures have been uploaded, now I am sorting them out and taking some more since I actually got the last room painted, which is the sewing room. Now if I had furniture to put in it, that would be great lol. I have a bit to move in there but not much. I have to buy a new cutting table, which I hope to do in the next month. Then I want to keep an eye out for a sewing table, or something that I will like. For now I am sewing on an old sewing machine cabinet. It is not very room on top or for my legs. And for now the dining area is working well for my cutting because it has a spacious counter top. Here are some pictures.

Sewing Room waiting to be painting.

The current work area where I have been sewing, the dining room. :)

Where I have been cutting. :)

I will update a bit more later with some more pictures. :) And the finished color for the sewing room, which is AWESOME!!!!!!!

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  1. How lucky are you to have a sewing room! Look forward to seeing it when you've moved in.