Saturday, April 17, 2010

Into the week

I have several colors I need to buy for some swaps, and want to collect some FQS for scraps to use and such. I keep looking at sites and then go OH YEH, I am going ot Paducah on Wednesday. lol SO sweetness. I have been to the AQS show a few times, when they had it in Nashville, but they changed to Knoxville so I have missed the last two years. I also have not been to Paducah before so I am excited about that. I am also taking my mother, who does some sewing but not quilting and not often, and my Grandmother who is for sure an old school quilter. I am excited for her to go because she has never been to anything like this before. I am sure she will be amased at what can be done with fabric and the quiltmaking that is going on now. She does alot from using up any kind of fabric and such, which is good indeed. I always give her my left overs and she only just recently visited a JoAnns for the first time.

SOOOOO needless to say I am excited to go! I had also better remember to maake alist of needs so I get those as well instead of just going hog wild!!! I also have to set myself a budget, which is not really bad because this is the first year where I have had more than 100 buck to spare for spending. There is so much to buy and I honestly can not wait to see all the new and exciting things going on! I am also going to make sure I stop by booth number 4518 in the pavillionn where the owner of Moose On The Porch is going to be. I know the set up is different in Paducah so I am not sure if all the vendors are in similiar areas or spread out. No idea until I get there! :D

So for now that is that! :D

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