Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sew Busy!

I am super happy that I have been able to get so much done sewing wise on my days off.

I have all the pinwheel blocks done and I have got my layout for my colorway 2 done and have cut all the sashing and cornerstones cut. I have pieced some on the bottom row.Here is a picture of some of that.

this design wall is right outside my sewing room door on the hallway so it is hard to get a good picture since I have to stand inside the door. :)

love that red! :D

I also have been busy sewing my purple whirlygiggles. I have more than half the blocks complete waiting for trimming down and the rest are in their first stage of piecing and need to be ironed.

And here is my vertical quilt I am making with some of the bits and scraps left over from the purple whirlygiggles. I cut a lot of these at the same time to save time. I wanted something that would come together quick and be simple for a Christmas present for one of my friends this year. :)

I also got the pinwheels for my oddysea baby quilt pieced half way, they just need the last seam sewn.
I picked out the block I am making for the 3x6 quilt bee.
Printed out the project I have been wanting to embroidered.
Printed out my map to Paducah :D WOOOOT and got my list of needs and stuff, make sure I do not forget my camera!
hmmm I think that is pretty much it. I feel good, I feel I really have gotten a lot done! :D

I know I will get little done next week lol. I still have to clean the walls in the basement and paint them and go to Lowes to buy fence stuff so we can get a fence up! SO but that is all next week, and right now I have to get back to getting ready to leave out to the quilt show!!!! :)

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