Saturday, April 10, 2010

Project Runway

So, Yes, Of course I love this show! Every year however the person I do not like the most is the winner. This year though I think has been the best overall crew as far as everyone being well rounded, creative, non catty and such! I am super exciting that Seth A. is making it to the final, i can not wait to see his line. I love his style and his taloring is indeed immaculate. I am not a big fan of Emilio, although he has been consistent and does deserve to be in the final, I just do not care for his style. I am torn on the end, I do not much care for Mila, and Jay although he does well ,and sews well, he always has some small bit I just question. It will be exciting to see the end show. I think this year will be the best so far! :)

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