Friday, April 23, 2010


I had a good time at Paducah. It was smaller than I expected, it was always so big in Nashville, but maybe it was because it was so spread out. I am not sure. It just seemed like there was less this year. It seemed there was less quilts to look at too. I just dunno. Maybe it was just me. I did also though find the machine I want to buy. I have ot save for it of course BUT thrilled I tried it and it is not as expensive as I thought. :) But the husband has to have major oral surgery so that takes a hug chunk of what I already had saved :( but that is that.

So two and half more days of work left. I wish it were less indeed. I have not been able t0 sleep well at all. I got so little yesterday! I hope that when I get home in the morning I can go to sleep sooner rather than later and sleep longer than 2 and half hours. Working 12 hours after is always such crap, expecially when I have over 30 patients. But enough of the complaining! :D

I hope to get some sewing done on my two days off as well, but since the husband is haivng oral surgery I know he will be as all men are when ill. :)

So back to work...:P

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