Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I feel like I have been very productive today! Let us hope it is/was more than a feeling! :) I got a lot of sewing done when I got up. I finished a WIP and now it sits on my design wall as I decide if I want to quilt it and bind it or pillow turn it and then quilt it, or just pillow turn it. I really have no idea. I would like to see it finished and I am not a big fan of pillow turning things, so it is a toss up. OH I also had set up my new sewing table, rearranged for it and such, did one dungeon on WOW and started watching a movie.

I got block 5 and six finished up for the pinwheel sampler and block seven started so I hope to have that finished before I am back to work Thursday night so that I will be caught up for block eight! :D I also started a few of the mini pinwheels for sashing.

I then ate and watched a movie and a half. Did some laundry in there somewhere.

Did 20 mins on the treadmill! YEH I KNOW AMAZING! I then just blog browsed and then headed to the shower and when I was done. I SEWED SOME MORE! :)

My husband has gone to the dentist and I am waiting to see if the local animal shelter is going to call me back soonish since there is a dog I would like to go look at. I am on my 14th hour of being awake so it really is nap time soon, especially since I did 20 mins on the treadmill, oh my knees!

But I really feel that I have been productive and done well with my time! :D

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