Friday, February 5, 2010

Frazzed Friday

Well into work we go and I was not feeling it. I had a horrible time of sleep with a horredously bad nightmare! It was so bad :( SO i just felt blah and out of it. Then on my way to work I just had all these crazy woman thoughts. ABout how I wish I could figure out how to curb our spending and live on less so that I could leave my job but then how if I do that then I do know if we get lucky to have children I will need more money etc etc. Then my mind goes into how we are just not having good luck with getting pregnant and how crappy that is and how frustrated and upset I am about that. I am so just in a hole about all those thoughts and now here we are at work and we have a good one. He is restrained and still trying to get out and screaming and uh, out of control. Poor guy. So sigh, another 10 hours of listening to that and trying to get all the work done and etc.

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