Monday, February 1, 2010

The first day

So brings the first of Febuary and I should be at yes a break from work is indeed nice but when it comes to wasting my time, that sucks. Bleh, but oh well. I have been trying to be ultra good to and save my time so I can take a vacation, but no the snow. I made it the first night when it was all still fresh snow and did not try it the second night when it was slush and could see the ice on the hill in front of our house. But I thought it would be OK tonight well last night, but no I got stuck and took forever to get back into my driveway because I just kept spinning and burning rubber going nowhere. So 2 am and what to do. Yeh, I watched Surrogates, it was fairly good. I should continue to read the book I am and listen to music but I came to blog really quick. I did some sewing earlier in the day before I had tried to make it to work, so at the moment I just am not feeling the sewing mojo. I have been playing Aion, which is an online rpg game and did that for a bit but hence again I was like ugh so annoyed that it really was not helping. So yeh I should really go just read and get enraptured in my book and I can probably finish it in a few hours. That sounds like a good idea.

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