Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Movie Night

I love watching films and I can just sit there for hours and get so lost in time. So Jes and I had gone to the grocery and decided to stop by the local video store and get some stuff. Sadly to sya it is going out of business in 5 weeks, so that sucks we will have to go farther now to rent if we do. And it sucks to see another business just go away, but I guess with technology and etc, hell I am surprised in this small town it has lasted as long as it has. SIDETRACKING thoug, here are the movies...

Zombieland : Totatally Awesomely HILARIOUS

White Out : I like Kate Beckinsale, she is a real cutie and I love blue eyes on anyone who hasdark hair but the film was only so so for me. I figured out who the bad guy was way before she did so boo for that, I always hate when I have the movie figured out before the end, I need that real end surprise to keep me in love with the movie afterward.

Jennnifers Body : There were parts I skipped through since it just was not that great, typical try to be scary teen movie but eh lacking something granted Megan Fox is hot and we would all want to be her at that age I guess but eh the plot was a bit thin for me with the devil worshipers going to satan to be rock stars and creating a succubus basically. MEH

Whip It : I have been so looking forward to this movie!!!!!!!!!! And I was not disappointing. If I could be a roller derby chic I SO WOULD! I would rock that!!!!!!!!!!! Love Barrymore and was a good film for her directorial debut. Had teenage angst against a mother who we all wish we had and in the end the good chic wins even though she had her first heartbreak which we all also have ad, but she overcame and gets to do what she loves. Rock on!

Still to see

Vampire Party
Halloween II

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