Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Very annoyed and sad and frusrated!

I recently applid for a dog at a rescue shelter! We have a 6 foot chain link fence and it is a big dog we were applying for and I waited and waited. I meet all requirements etc. I am a good owner and she would be inside mostly anyway! Well they freaking sent me an email back saying. AS with most of their dogs they require a 6 foot privacy fence, let us know when you have that taken care of!!!! Are freaking kidding me. I have a huge backyard and you just want me to throw up a 6 foot privacy wood fence in what the weekend! I am actually pissed because they should put that on the adoption site and especially on the part with the dog if it is a freaking requirement! I MEAN WTF! So very sad and pissed. And confused UGH!! I realise they want the best for these dogs but how many people just happen to own a 6 foot privacy fence that want big dogs and how many people can just throw that up in a snap! I really feel like telling them my mind right now because they should have that info posted somewhere. I would have just never applied! BS!

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  1. At least you got a letter....I applied for a geriatric Lhasa Apso and never even got a response.