Monday, February 22, 2010


It is hard to believe the month is almost to an end. I had hoped to get a bit more accomplished this month. But there is always next month :P

I just look at my little side bar and notice I really need to get some of the WIPs finished and no new ones started!

On that note though my DQS8 is just waiting to be quilted and bound. It has to be mailed off by March 8th. I am just stuck on a quilting motif!!! I hope to work on it Wednesday though! Hopefully I will have come up with an idea for what is simple and not too simple for it. :)

I also was hoping to get my WOW warlock to 75 by the time I return to work on Thursday but it does not look like that will happen. Have ot do some other things I guess. i spent about uh 12 hours so far this week doing lunar festival and exploration achievements! :S lol However, on that note I got A LOT of achievements!!!!! :D

I entered PSIQUILT's blog redo giveaway today! I would love to get that. I so would love a nifty new title bar and a more appealing side bar area!

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