Monday, February 8, 2010

Kitchen Duos

I have been saying since we bought the new house that I wanted a set of place-mats to decorate the table and such. Also these are good for practicing your machine quilting and using bits. etc. However I have no idea what I really want. I am thinking simplicity is best for just a basic all year set. And a good place to start for now. But again I am not sure what I want. At the moment the curtains in the kitchen are vegetable based, my mom gave these to me when I gave her new fabric to make new curtains for her kitchen. But I still have no curtains on the two windows in the dining room area. SO bridging the two areas with color would be nice as far as curtains go but also I have to like it so hm hm. I was thinking some orange and purple. Both awesome colors and give some real pop and would go well with the colors of most of everything else going on. But beyond that what do we really do?

SO check off for now colors, for we will use orange and purple. I like that. More purple with some pop of orange I think and maybe some lime green to match my toaster. But what kind of simple pattern I am not sure. Still working on this. Guess I will go hunt and look for bits of fabric and then see what happens.

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