Monday, March 1, 2010

March Plans :D

Here is a list of the things I would like have done by the end of March.

1. All purple whirlygiggles cut out and ready to piece.

2. Place mats Finished and on table(although yes the table is covered in stacks of fabric).

3. Sew Kid at Heart Quilting Bee 2 - Star quilt sashed and bordered.

4. Warlock to level 78 and have bought my cold weather flying.

5. Cleaned bathroom..........from top to bottom and gone through all the junk to sort and throw some stuff out!

Now I think this is a fairly good start. One I have already worked on all of the first three projects. The place mats should actually be done by next week and if I do not go wacky doing the sashing the star quilt will be well on its way by next week too. I am not that great or very patient when it comes to sashing :S Now sadly he bathroom is probably the one thing I will put off...I know horrible :S

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