Friday, March 26, 2010

Itchy Trigger Finger...

for embroidery! I really have wanted to start some kind of embroidery, something small so I can finish it sooner than later. I have downloaded a few new ones from Urban Threads, but I have not had time to really organize something. I had a sickie bit and now I am back to my 4 day 12 hour shift weekend, so I am just wishing that I had something to stitch and wish I was at home stiching something!

I am also sadly having a "I wish I had more visitors to my blog" moment. I am not sure what to do about that though at the moment.

However I am wanting to work on some tutorials and give aways but then I hate to put up a give away with not that many visitors at the moment.

So that is that for now! :D


  1. It's a good start that you are listed on the quilter blogs....I try to read that everyday, so if I see a picture or title that is appealing I'll click to the blog to read the post. Tutes and giveaways will bring them in droves hehe.
    I'm like that too, wishing I had some project to work on, but it isn't prepped....sometimes you just have to START somewhere! Get one step done in preparing what you step at a time will get you there!

  2. Good Morning Desi! I'm on my way to visit your recommendation Urban Threads seeking inspiration for my Saturday. I have a new blog and so much to learn about the technology . Baby Steps. Your blog is so well organized and loaded with pony tricks, I'm impressed.

  3. Oh ladies! Thank you so much for not only stopping by but leaving me little notes. I so appreciate it. I know I have visitors here and there and I so love that! :D

    @free indeed Yes I am for sure on the right track so that is awesome!

    @Sam!!! You will love Urban Threads, they have classic stuff and new funky stuff! All sorts. I love it! And I will defiantly swing by your little blog home and give you a a little note as well! :)