Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A new adventure!

Well as many know I am very dissatisfied with my current career and beyond burnt out and I would love to be able to make a decent living off my sewing talents. I also would love to get into some teaching things. What holds me back do you ask? Well it used to be the need to work 4 jobs just to live, now I just work one job and somehow I still lose the motivation A LOT! And a friend I work with asked me the other day when we were discussing things as we do, she asked me something along the lines of doesn't my passion drive me enough, do I not care enough about what I love to make it happen! Well that really got me to thinking, and feeling a bit guilty for blaming my lack of motivation on my job being very draining on my energy and soul. Now that last bit does get to be true with my job but we have to learn a new way to deal with that, because I DO LOVE it enough to make it happen, darn it!!!!! So among all that I got an email about the sulky certification teacher class. I thought, wow I would love to do that but yeh I had all these thoughts of why I might not be able to or should not and I THOUGHT wait, I want to and I could learn so much and I CAN DO IT. I find that I often really become a bit too modest, if that is the right usage of words, about my talent and all that I know and how smart I am. I do feel I have enough knowledge and willingness to learn that I too can share and teach.


I got my confirmation letter and my supply list already in my email. My class is not till October so I could have plenty of time to make sure I can get off work long enough. But I am super excited!!!

Is anyone else out there going or ever been?

And go here to learn more!!!!!


  1. I just found out about the Sulky classes the other day. I would LOVE to do that.

  2. Keptwench!!! You so should! Of course I have no idea if it will be great BUT I just have a feeling! I am so excited.