Tuesday, March 30, 2010

to the end!

Well the end of March that is. I got most things done on my to do list. I did by the way get my oldest niece to clean the bathroom, so she could get some cash. Although it was not a top to bottom job, it makes me feel a little less guilty that I did not get it clean AT ALL! :P

I have got the place mats on the table and I have the SKHQB2 star quilt almost sashed!
I got it done! :D And will be posting pictures in a separate post. I still have the backing to piece and I believe I am going to be adding a border.

April will be the month to get all my whirlygiggles done. I also want to get two New York Beauty blocks into the mix, but I have pulled out fabric for a baby quilt so we shall see!

OH also I am measuring and making plans for the basement tonight! Exciting! I hope I can handle finishing it all out. I am stoked so I hope to have it all done by the time winter makes it back and will be all cozy with a new big ole' studio!


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