Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I could be...

I could be doing so many things but I am not! I think there is a gremlin in my tummy :( He must be taking holiday in there or something! There is also a rock giant in my head but that is normal, but ugh it hurts :'(!

SO I have not got much done, heck I have not even done my laundry and I so need to do that before I got back to work on Thursday. I keep saying I have one more day, lol. I have been saying that for a few days now. I have to go out tomorrow because I have an appointment at 1230 and i can not miss that. I hope I feel better than I have the last few days.

I have got my warlock to 80! That is a miracle. I have done some sewing, but I am behind on getting what I wanted to get done by the end of March! SO poo! I will share a picture though, of something...let me see!

YES, this was me being surrounded and attacked by my moms chickens when I went to see her the week before last. Ok maybe not attacked, I think they were hungry! But I could have been dinner, who knows!

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