Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A bit of meh

I just got back home this afternoon and I was feeling very sore and tired from having slept on a bad couch and then a bad mattress on the floor. I will have to remember to take my air mattress the next time i visit my mom. Other than that I got nothing done really lol Kinda good since I could just veg but also I had my mind on a lot of things I needed to get done and wanted to get done.

I have to greatly apologize to my DQS8 partner for I will not be mailing her quilt till tomorrow so that makes it mailed 4 days late, bad time management on my part and then I just missed the post this afternoon! :( I feel horrible but she will get it and I plan on mailing it at a fast rate to make up for my badness there!

I do have some pics I need to upload from being at my moms and the auction I went to, but I honestly barely feel like blogging. But I wanted to before I head back to a long 4 day work weekend/week.

I am just feeling blah and not like doing much. I have some sewing I need to do but I just can not make myself go in there and m mind just is not with it. And I know going in there and trying to do it, I will just get aggravated and make boo boos so best not try.

So nothing seems appealing at the moment.

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