Monday, March 8, 2010

A weekend away

My husband has gone to his mandatory yearly training so he is about 2 hours away and i have the house all to myself. SO what to do. Leave too :D Well I am just off to spend two nights with my mom. Which I so need and her as well. She lives about an hour and half away and she is in the middle of the nowhere on a little farm, with some chickens, rabbits, too many cats, a dog and a boyfriend, lol. So it will be some no internet no cell phone service weekend. Which will do me some good. I am going to an auction with them, which I have never been to an auction so that should be cool and new.

But on note of what I have got done so far. I made it to lvl 78 and got my flying at 77, so I am now again broke in WOW land lol

I am a bit worried I might get behind on my quilts I want to get finished, but I will have to be extra diligent next week.

I have my DQS8 done and I am mailing it tomorrow and I will put a post up on that as soon as I can. :)

SO I hope you all have a good M, T, W, which is actually my weekend :D

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